crackly banana bread | smitten kitchen

ready for the morning: crackly banana bread | smitten kitchen.

Recipe looks great, with whole wheat. I’d love to make it with millet, but it was after midnight, so no option to go to the store! Also, no brown sugar, 1 extra banana.


Article on problems across the US in orchestras

Pithy and very good analysis from Philadelphia Inquirer culture writer Peter Dobrin about what’s going on with American orchestras and why, from Philadelphia to Indianapolis to Minnesota and Chicago. Written in the middle of Chicago Symphony Orchestra‘s 64-hour strike.

The Philadelphia Orchestra in China, 1973

Francis B. Tenny’s memoir of PO China tour

“The Philadelphia Orchestra trip was arguably one of the major initiatives to foster rapprochement between the U.S. and China. Frank Tenny, officer in charge of State’s Educational and Cultural Affairs program for East Asia and the Pacific at the time was assigned escort officer for this historic trip…”

Mr. Tenny: “When Henry Kissinger reopened cultural exchanges with China, I accompanied the Philadelphia Orchestra on their China tour during the Cultural Revolution.”