The Fresh 20, day 1

Most musicians are interested in food, whether it’s just eating or also making it, so I’m going to diverge from my concert reviews into the world of food!

I read a New York Times article about meal planning website, and The Fresh 20 caught my eye. Well, I’m trying it out this week, and I was impressed with my first look. Tonight is chili lime chicken breasts over brown rice and a side of nectarine salsa. If I can figure out how to add a picture with the iPad WordPress app, you’ll be able to see it.

Update on my learning curve with WordPress for iPad: I was able to upload the photo, but it appears to me as a separate post. I’ll merge them later if I can. Also adding a chicken photo.

The preparation is quick and simple. The most difficult thing was putting the four cloves of garlic into the garlic press, then squeezing it into the plastic bag. You actually prepare two nights worth of chicken with this marinade; tonight is chicken breasts and a couple of days from now will be chicken kebabs. the marinade had olive oil and lime, just like the nectarine salsa, but also paprika, comino and the afore-mentioned garlic.


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